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Bathroom Remodeling/Adding a Bathroom

We remodel bathrooms from top to bottom. We can design custom bathrooms to meet your desires and needs as well as we can design bathrooms specifically to increase your home value for resale. This is because the owners of Bathroom Remodeling Maryland are licensed realtors in MD, DC and VA. We can use specific knowledge of the market in your area to see what features are needed or not needed in your new bathroom to increase your property value or help your home to sell quicker and for top dollar.
Need to add a bathroom to your home we can do that for you as well. This type of project takes longer than a regular bathroom remodeling job but it still will be stress free because we take care of everything from design to permits and inspections to completion.

Kitchen Remodeling

We create beautiful affordable kitchens for our customers. Again we take your idea and build a design to make your dream kitchen come alive. You can stop by our vendor’s showroom and look at different colors and styles for your cabinets and pick out your own beautiful slab of granite or we can do it for you.
After your kitchen is measured you will receive a detailed CAD drawing of your proposed new kitchen and we will remodel the kitchen to the specification of the drawings. Often times there are issues that arise in the existing wall, floor or ceiling that calls for improvising. Improvising is one of our specialties. We take the stress so you don’t have to.

Flooring Installation

Let us help you with your flooring needs. We are very experienced wood and tile installation specialist. Our flooring prices are very hard to beat in this industry. We currently offer hardwood installation prices starting at $1.85 sq ft for nailed down installation and $3.99 sq ft for tile installation. Call us today to discuss your flooring needs. We are always happy to help and offer advice wherever we can.